Conflict Free and Just As Pretty-Herkimer Diamonds

Conflict Free and Just As Pretty-Herkimer Diamonds

Conflict free and just as pretty-Herkimer Diamonds are now being added to my shop.  What are Herkimer Diamonds and why is this so important to me you may ask?  Let me give a little information on these beautiful stones.

Herkimer Diamonds

First let me clear this up, these are NOT actual diamonds but rather double terminated quartz that is found in and around the county of Herkimer, New York.  They are called diamonds because of their impeccable clarity, almost like water.  They are absolutely stunning, but what makes these stones so special is not only their beauty but the simple fact that they are conflict free.

Most of you may have watched the movie Blood Diamond, I mean who wouldn’t with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the lead.  Blood Diamond is a movie based on the huge price others pay (in blood, their lives, money, etc) to bring diamonds to market.  It is a horrendous business in which many lives are lost and corrupt deals are made.

The Herkimer diamond is just as stunning, less expensive, and most of all CONFLICT free.  I could literally write a whole dissertation on this stone since I have been reading up on it so much.  I wanted to provide my customers a stunning stone, conflict free, and at an affordable price.  That is what my business is all about.

As if this could not get any better….they are also the creme de la creme of the healing crystal community.  According to Crystal Vaults, “they are the perfect conduits of the universal Life Force, they are exceptional healing crystals, and are used in meditations, dream, and vision work, and advanced spiritualization applications.”

My order has been placed and I am itching at the sleeves to receive these beautiful, conflict free stones.  I truly hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.  They will be in shop by December and make the perfect gift for anyone.  My quantity is not huge so do not wait on these beauties.

Conflict Free and just as pretty-Herkimer Diamonds



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