Our Story

Started on a whim……

I had left my sales job, started a family, moved a couple times due to my husbands work, then had couple more kids.  Once we finally settled back in our home state and my last little one was born, I decided I wanted to take my love for design and turn it into a business.  I wanted to show my girls and son that even though I am a stay at home mom, I could still follow my dream and do what I love.

After my last child was born, I slowly started getting back into designing.  I take inspiration from all around me…nature, my kids, my church, the moms I see on a daily basis, etc.  I love the look of a minimalist but with a little boho and sparkle added.  Simple to me goes a long way.  I use a ton of different materials, constantly working to combine them.  I have mastered marbling and love creating beautiful cuffs, pendants, and earrings…the beauty of marbling is you never will have two that look alike.

Beautiful agate stones, shimmery druzy stones, Swarovski crystals, healing quartz, and other beautiful beads help inspire me and take me along the path of creation.  A lot of what I create comes from the things I love in life.

My pieces are designed for every day wear, to dress up a casual outfit or to take a business outfit and turn it into something for a night out after work.  Simple and chic with a boho flare is what I love to design.

If you are looking for beautiful pieces for a bridal party, mother of the bride/groom, etc…please email me at goldarrowstudios@gmail.com.  Custom work has always been my favorite and I will work very hard to create what you envisioned.



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