Beaded school spirit bracelets

Show Your School Spirit

It was less than a year ago (about the end of summer and beginning of the school year) that I was asked to create a line of dangle and stud earrings for a private all boys school. What I thought was just going to be a simple order for some moms turned into a massive order for loyal and proud fans. After posting them on social media, I had tons of customers searching for some swag for their student athletes. It has been a whirlwind and I am so happy to be able to create the perfect pieces.

Today I currently have twelve schools/organizations I have created for with many more in the works. My button earrings are available in gold or silver and are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to support their athlete or students school! 

With so much love being shown towards the earrings I decided I need to step up my swag game. Gold Arrow Studios will now be designing simple beaded bracelets in your schools colors. I will have charms available to add but still will be keeping with my minimalist look and feel. I love creating these pretty pieces for moms who want to support their son or daughter but look fashionable while doing it. From button earrings to beaded bracelets, I am sure I will have something for everyone! 

If you do not see your school or organization in the School Spirit Shop, simply email me ( and I will be happy to create them for your school. 


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