I had in my mind for this blog post to be about some new and exciting things coming to Gold Arrow Studios.  But then tragedy struck on Sunday and I just didn't think it would be appropriate.  As most know NBA legend Kobe Bryant, father to four, husband, friend, mentor, son, and more was tragically killed alongside his beautiful daughter Gianna and seven others in a helicopter crash. I never have been one to cry or really get upset at the death of a celebrity.  In my mind they are  like everyone else. So many in my life have died that have really impacted me, so it just never was a natural emotion I would have upon hearing the news of someone famous.  Kobe hit me though...and it hit me before even knowing his daughter was involved.  

I am unsure why this hit me so hard.  Maybe his age (41), maybe his family (four kids), maybe because he graduated high school the same year as me.  I don't really know why but the tears started within minutes of hearing this. Then I find out about his 13 year old daughter and it just was like a nail in the coffin.  First thought that ran across my mind was please God I hope he could comfort her during this horrible incident till the end.  I could not even image the pain in his heart he had when he knew what was to happen.  How can any parent prepare themselves for that?  It's impossible and that was the moment that the tears turned into waterfalls.

As a parent I try so hard to protect my children from everything, but this right here just reiterated the fact that we cannot protect them at all matter how hard we pray, no matter how hard we try.  All we can do is try to ease the pain and prepare them for the worst, and in my mind I truly believe that is what he did.  I picture him just holding her as tight as he can, trying to calm her and drain out the screams and fears of the others, just telling her how much he loves her, how much her mom loves her, her siblings love her.  I type this and huge tears are coming down because to know that that's all you have for her at that moment till the end is just unbearable.  

This tragic event has put everything into perspective.  At any given moment your life can be taken, your spouses life can be taken, your child's life could be taken.  We are guaranteed nothing.  We are given one life, and each day we should live like it is our last.  Loving all.  Respecting All.  Being patient with all.  Being kind to all.  These are simple tasks, yet for us it is so difficult.

Kobe and Gigi were what you imagined a father and daughter's relationship would be.  Seeing those pictures of him and her and the smiles and admiration she had for her father, that's what family is about.  I pray for Vanessa and his three other children.  I pray that she can find peace in all of this, but how can she?  How could any mother/wife?

If you are a Harry Potter fan (SPOILER ALERT), in the Half Blood Prince there is a certain wizard who dies.  He was respected, admired, and one of the greatest wizards of all time.  His life in the book was an end to an era.  Kobe is like such wizard.  Respected, admired, loved, and an end to era.  He was a huge Harry Potter fan so it is only fitting that we raise our wands for him and Gigi and let them know that they will ALWAYS be remembered.

RIP Kobe and Gigi




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