I cannot believe I had my second photo shoot for my jewelry. Finding the perfect photographer who understands my style, my personality, and my vision can be challenging. I hit the jackpot when someone referred over to me Victoria Leigh Images. Vicki from the onset just got who I was. I meshed with her so perfectly and felt completely at ease and comfortable the first time we spoke. She understood the look I was going for and was always up for any challenge I threw her way...and trust me I am always looking to push the creative buttons! The photoshoot for my fall collection, Dusk to Dawn, had many wins and few challenges. If you do not know what goes on behind the scenes of these shoots, let me fill you in. 

Many hours are sacrificed in the planning process of a shoot. Location, pieces, models, props, lighting, staging, weather, and vision....all of these different aspects have to be planned and prepared for. No stone is left unturned during this process. Vicki has just been so amazing at finding me models who fit my dream customer, plus me adding in my beautiful sister! She has nailed it every time on the models. Everyone who has taken the time to model my jewelry has been so professional, so prepared, and so willing to do whatever her or I needed. They truly all were such breathes of fresh air to work with.

This photo shoot did have some challenges. We were working at a location that while so beautiful, proved to be a bit chilly and windy...that's Lake Erie for you though. The models were such good sports on this. Smiling while trying hard not have their teeth chatter, wearing light clothing and hiding the shivers while they posed, and holding jewelry to ensure it didn't blow away or turn the wrong way during the shoot. They were amazing...thank you Melissa and Kelsey for being such great models and never once complaining.

Vicki knew I was on a mission to have smoke in my Halloween line....and by chance we found a small cemetery right next to our location which added just the right touch of eeriness to the shoot.  With the wind going strong and the sun setting fast, Vicki quickly made the magic happen and we ended with some of my most favorite pictures of all time! She truly made it work with everything going against us! 

If you are looking for a super amazing photographer for your family, your business, or your seniors...please give Vicki a look. She will make the magic happen for you just like she did for me. Below you will find her Instagram and Facebook links. Check her out and support this amazing woman and her talent.

Victoria Leigh Images



My new collection is a play on the colors of the early morning sunrise and the evening sunset. I loved that there is such a mix of bold and muted colors. Each piece is very specific in the colors to make the collection cohesive. So many pieces can be mixed and matched together. This line features a few clay pieces too which has been exciting to work with again. Back when I first started out I worked with clay...but to be honest I never took the time to really learn the process. This time I did and the results are amazing. Please take the time to checkout the collection...but for now here are a few shots from the collection.

Dusk to Dawn Collection

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