Why Gold Arrow?

Creating beautiful jewelry is just a small facet of my dream. I believe that it is our responsibility as humans to serve a higher purpose. As a woman I believe supporting other women is important, not only locally but also on a global level predominantly in developing countries. Not only is this a foundation to my brand, but I also am giving back a portion of all sales to aid in protecting our planet. You can feel good knowing that every piece you buy is either helping to plant a tree in the Rainforest, cleaning up our oceans, or protecting animals in Yellowstone. Gold Arrow Studios is not just about beautiful jewelry, it is about jewelry that serves a purpose.

Jewelry As Beautiful As You!

Timeless Pieces

Timeless Pieces

My collection of everyday pieces that are staple at Gold Arrow Studios.... 

Breath Collection

Breath Collection

Simplistic, beautiful, and full of life. The Breath Collection exudes a feeling... 

  • Jane

    Beautiful Chunky Quartz Necklace

    I love this necklace. It is more beautiful in person. I get so many compliments in it. It goes with everything!

    Chunky Quartz Necklace 
  • Bethany

    Very elegant and excellent quality! 

    I recently ordered the Hematite Stone bracelets in all three colors. They are gorgeous! I have received many compliments and enjoy wearing such beautiful pieces. Thank you!

    Hematite Stone Bracelets 
  • Brooke


    Another gorgeous piece from Gold Arrow Studios! Looks great layered or alone. Love it!

    Gemstone Layering Necklaces 
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