Bodhi Collection

Bodhi Collection

Beautiful soft and bold colors, pretty textures, and so much inspiration from... 

The Breath Collection

Beautiful natural stones, woods, and metals designed to create a calming collection that reminds you to breathe and soak in the calm.

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  • Modern Boho Jewelry

    I love the boho look but also wanted to bring in a modern twist. My designs are clean and beautiful with much thought put into each piece I create.

    gemstone bracelets 
  • Peace & Tranquility

    Life is chaotic, but your jewelry can be a subltle reminder to breathe, relax, and enjoy your beautiful life. Choose the bracelet that reminds you to breathe.

    breath diffuser bracelet 
  • Layering Necklaces

    I love layering necklaces of all kinds. Mixing metals and stonesto complete the look. Choose the necklace to complete your boho look.


What type of Boho Babe are you?

Nature, Adventurer, Minimalist, Or Free Spirit Seeker

self love diffuser bracelet

Are you a nature enthusiast?

Do you love going out into nature and just exploring and seeking solace with Mother Earth? Are you one who just wants to sit and take in the aromas and sights of what our planet provides? If this speaks to you then you are my Nature Boho Babe. You love the look of natural stones in a matte finish. You seek to find meaning behind the stones you wear. You love the layer look and prefer wood and stone over glass and sparkle. The Breath Collection is perfect for your soul.

Are you an adventure seeker?

Do you love traveling the world and finding new and exotic places? Do you prefer seeking out destinations as opposed to staying home? Do you feel your best while out exploring our planet? If said yes to these questions then you are my Adventure Seeker. You prefer wearing simple bracelets in a smaller stone but layering them up. You love jewelry that speaks to a culture and want to have a piece of your journey as a reminder. The Bodhi Collection is the perfect match to my Adventure Babes.

Are you a simple is more girl?

Do you prefer simple chains with a single charm or no charm? Do you love the look of less is more? Do you prefer a single gold or silver bracelet over gemstones? If you answered yes, then you are my Minimalist Babe. You prefer a look that is clean and clear. You do not look over stacking and prefer a minimalist look to one that is more dramatic. You love a single gold chain bracelet and a little dangle earrings. My Apatite Sun Necklace or Amazonite Dangle earrings are perfect for your style.

Do you love roaming with the wind?

Do you prefer living in the now? Are you more apt to go with the flow and roam with the wind? Do you take solace in being easy going and free? If so you are my Free Spirit Babe. You love pieces with color and good vibes. You enjoy layering natural stones, wood, and lava. You prefer a more dramatic look over something simple and minimal. You want to be able to take your oils with you therefore aromatherapy bracelets are your perfect match. Check out my aromatherapy line of jewelry and layer up.

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