Trend Alert!

This summer is sure to bring in all the fun and whimsy that summer deserves. I have been researching what will be hot for us this year during our warmer months and I can say that the looks will not disappoint. What can we expect to see this summer?

Gold, Gold, and more Gold!

Gold is on fire this summer. Wearing everyday pieces in this beautiful metal will show off your sun kissed skin in the most beautiful way. From bangles to necklaces to radiant dangle earrings, gold is the color we should be looking for this season.

Pearls Galore

Honestly nothing screams summer vibes more than pearls. Pearls can come in so many different shapes and colors. Designing my summer collection, I will be using a more raw and rough looking pearl to keep with my natural aesthetic. I am so excited to create a couple pieces using pearls in different colors to bring in all the summer love for this new trend.

Layered Colored Necklaces

I have always loved the layered necklace look. To me it just gives you a more dramatic look yet it is not screaming in your face. Natural tiny gemstones layered in different colors will be making their appearance this summer to my collection. Choose one or a few to create the perfect layering style for you.

Boho Looking Enamel Pieces

Enamel pieces are making their way to my shop, but in a different light. While enamel is fun, I do not want to buy these pieces from my suppliers but instead want to create the "enamel look" with clay. When I first started Gold Arrow Studios most of my earrings were made with clay...I went and put this on the back burner because I wanted to learn new techniques and improve my clay skills. Well the time has finally come and I am so excited to create these beautiful pieces and debut them in my summer collection.

Let's Get Bold!

Statement necklaces are back and with a vengeance this summer. Bold, bold, bold pieces that are so dramatic they will have everyone gawking at your fabulous look. I will be creating one or two for the summer collection. It's go bold or go home time this summer.

Medallion Necklaces

I have been waiting for this trend to come! I am obsessed with Medallion necklaces and I have scoured my suppliers to find the perfect ones for my customers. From zodiac to greek mythology, medallion necklaces are hot for this season. Wear alone or layer with simple chains...either way it is a home run for the season.

What trend are you most excited for this summer? Who else here in Ohio cannot wait for the warmer weather, margaritas pool side, and just a fun and relaxing time with friends and family? I know I am totally ready for some sun and fun.

** Pictures here are for reference only, none of this jewelry was created by Gold Arrow Studios. All photo credits go to @unsplash and @canva.



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