I am so excited for 2023! I have so many ideas floating in my head about what I want to do, new visions on jewelry, new inspirations, etc. Let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Here are my goals for 2023 with Gold Arrow Studios:

Create five collections for the year - one for mid January to mid March (already out), mid March to mid June, mid June to mid August, mid August to end of October, November to December
    • January to March: Sweet Kisses Collection - collection promoting self-love and encouragement, adorned with pretty little hearts as a subtle reminder to love your amazing self
    • March to June: a collection dedicated to promoting inner peace and tranquility and mental health
    • June to August: whimsical summer fun - bright hues, fun prints, beachy boho jewelry
    • August to October: soft muted fall pastels, stackable and layering fall wear
    • November to December: pretty in pink Christmas with splashes of metallics, reds, and icy blues 

    Along with these collections, I plan on bringing in some pieces for teens and tweens and for men. My Boho Teens & Tweens will love the fun, whimsical, but very chic line I am creating for them. These will make wonderful birthday gifts to friends or your teen/tween. My mens line is in the works....I want to to create an earthy masculine collection for men who are rugged chic, masculine, and wanting to wear an accessory without all the flash!

    Choose a new organization to donate to at the end of 2023
    • I am so excited to do this! For my sales from 2022 I am taking a portion and donating the monies to One Ocean Conservation. Taking care of our planet has always been close to my heart. I am huge advocate for animals, our forests, the oceans, and pretty much any living thing Mother Nature and God has provided us with
    • Let me know what organization you think I should look into, drop a comment below
    Look for new markets to be a part of
    • I am always looking for fresh new markets to apply to. I love meeting new people and new vendors. Sometimes markets can get stagnant as they continually bring on the same people year after year. I myself love seeing fresh new faces so it is my goal to look into new adventures for 2023! I will always continue to try and be a part of Woman Up Cleveland as I believe they align completely with my views on woman supporting woman. We need to teach our daughters that supporting other women is a wonderful way to build a strong community and family.

    Try some new techniques out

    • I am so wanting to learn how to work in new mediums, I dabbled in the clay world at the end of 2023 and I am now looking to educate myself even further in this arena. I want to push my abilities and come up with new ways of using this extremely versatile and beautiful medium.

    I have made essential oils a part of my life now going on six years. I have seen the benefits they provide in healing mentally and physically. My goal for 2023 is to continually promote these oils and show you different ways you can use them to help in your every day life. 


    Weekly commitment to social media -

    • Beginning in February I will be committing myself daily to becoming more social on social media. I want you to learn about me and get to know my person as a woman, a mom, a daughter, a friend, a creator/designer, and a business owner.  Here is my plan for daily social interaction on Facebook and Instagram with a sprinkle in Tik Tok (still earning this platform

     Monday - Makers Corner Monday: I will show you a video of me creating a piece (start to finish)

    Tuesday - Oil Tip Tuesday: I will share an oil tip with you!

    Wednesday - Wild Card Wednesday: whatever I feel like sharing!

    Thursday - Throwback Thursday - a look at some previous pieces I sold and my thoughts

    Friday - Fabulous & Funky Friday - I will tell you things that happened to me this week that I just found so fabulous or completely funky they totally deserve a mention 

    Saturday - Save The Planet Saturday: some type of tip or educational piece on our planet and how you can help protect this beautiful gift from Mother Nature and God

    Sunday - Spiritual Sunday: words of encouragement, self-love, inspirational, etc

    Mood board for inspiration for 2023

    What would you like to see out of Gold Arrow Studios for 2023? Anything I missed? Drop a comment and let me know. 

    Namaste my boho babes!


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