I have never been one to get into the gimmicks that are thrown out there for products. I typically read them but then move swiftly on as I feel that I am being way over sold on an inferior product. 

However one day I decided to let my friend Sandra talk to me about this amazing product she started using. At that time I had just had Lucas and was so tired and stressed with having a newborn. So I listened and learned but then put it all to the side for another day.  

Let's fast forward a year. I am now a mom of four kids (had one more after Lucas), I am constantly on the go, I decided to really dive into my jewelry and make it into something, and I was at the epitome of being a stressed mom. Insert Sandra back into my life! I decided to take a chance on her products. I started off with the kit (tons of bottles and a diffuser to get you going), I became part of her group where she is constantly educating us, and I bought some books that were highly recommended for recipe creation. My journey with doTERRA had officially begun. 

I started small, just diffusing. I would text Sandra to make me roller bottles because I was so scared I was going to create some concoction that would either (A) smell absolutely disgusting or (B) would just not be the right formula and we would have green puss balls growing all over our body. Needless to say I was still just so uneducated due to my own lack of learning. Let it be known that no matter what oils you mix, the smell is marvelous and no green puss balls will grow.

Every step of the way Sandra was there for me. Answering texts, helping to educate me through her group, and just being there for guidance...and that still holds true five years later! She is the main reason I took the leap into doTERRA. Hearing her personal stories about how it helped her son with his asthma, how it has helped her other customers in ways over the counter medicine was not...just all the amazing goodness she provided me was the thing I needed to make the switch and stay with it. 

Five years later and I am now preaching to all the benefits of essential oils. But not just any oils (because let's be honest, like everything in life there are great products and there are inferior pretender products), doTERRA oils are the Cadillacs of the oil industry. 

So why choose doTERRA over other oil providers? Below is a list of reasons why you would...read through it and see if this resonates with how you want to live your life with a company you  would love to support.

  • doTERRA intentionally sources only the purest materials from our planet..not only is the oil your receiving 100% pure, but it is also enriching the lives of others
  • they are empowering people to become self-reliant through humanitarian efforts
  • as their business expands, they are breaking cycles of human suffering and poverty through philanthropic efforts
  • they advocate and educate to empower everyone with natural wellness solutions
  • doTERRA's scientists are continually revolutionizing the oil industry through their innovation and state-of-the art testing

Now that's a company I can stand behind! But let's also not forget what these oils can do for you. Since inputting doTERRA into my daily life this is what I have replaced in my home:

  • everyday toxic cleaners
  • toxic candles
  • toxic air fresheners
  • beauty products - facial cleaners, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, lotions
  • vitamins from stores 
  • laundry - mostly dryers sheets 

What have I noticed by replacing these items and inserting doTERRA  instead?

  • I use to get horrible headaches from the fumes of cleaners and air fresheners - GONE
  • I use to feel still after taking vitamins not fully energized and ready to take on the day - GONE
  • My house smelled artificial and heavily floral with all those toxic chemicals in candles - GONE
  • My skin never felt quite smooth and glowing - GONE
  • My hair always felt heavy and like it had a residue - GONE

Oils have been a game changer in my life. I use them for everything.....

  • cleaning my home
  • washing my floors
  • my vitamins
  • drying my clothes
  • washing my face
  • cleaning my hair and body
  • lotions
  • cooking
  • aches and pains
  • anxiety
  • mood control
  • increasing my energy
  • monthly aches and pains
  • psoriasis for my kids
  • headaches (when they come which is rare)
  • and more

If you want to begin your journey with me and doTERRA...let me know! I would love to get you in touch with Sandra. Below are some links for you to get started in learning more about this amazing company. There is so much information out there and I want you to fall in love with them....so please feel free to write a comment below or a question you have and I will be happy to answer and help. Oh and bonus! When you sign up with Sandra for oils....I will send you an aromatherapy bracelet that is designed specifically for those oil lovers out there. Simply sign up, let Sandra know I referred you (Melissa at Gold Arrow Studios or just Gold Arrow Studios) and once you make your first kit purchase I will send you out your free bracelet with a small oil sample for you to use. Its so simple! I am rewarding you for taking the next step to a healthier toxic free life!


doTERRA - https://www.doterra.com/US/en/our-story

Sandra - www.sandradeewellness.com 

Instagram: @sandradeewellness

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sandradeewellness


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