Life as we know it is quite chaotic. Most days I spend pondering how do I get everything done. Between sports, school work, house cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, and every other little thing that pops up in our lives it's wonder we do not lose or minds. Or maybe you do! I know there are days where my level of stress reaches its tipping point. I want to just curl up in bed and shut everyone out. It's not because I do not love them, it is just sometimes a mom needs some time to herself to block out everything. 

Through the years I have taken some steps to help me get through the daily grind. Some are very new to me but others I have been doing for years. I want to share with you how this mom of four dedicates some much needed self-care. Remember, a happy mom results in happy children.

Monthly or Every Other Month:

  • I have started getting monthly facials....this has been such a stress reliever. I highly recommend Eve Skin Therapy in Avon. She is located at the Stellar Society and not only does she do an AMAZING job, but she is one of the sweetest souls you could ever run across. She is mom as well to four beautiful children and understands the daily stresses we as moms endure. Follow her on Instagram @eveskintherapy and follow the @stellarsocity_beautylounge 
  • The one thing in life I have always been cautious of is my hair. I have a lot of thick Italian hair and so I must ensure whomever touches this mess is good with handling hair like mine. It may not look like it but this mug is tough to take care of. I have hopped around stylists after losing my favorite way back when I was in my 20's...but I finally found my new home about 7 years ago at Ibi David Salon & Spa. The owner is just the most amazing woman who has entered my life. My family has grown so close to her and her husband and I would not go anywhere else for my hair. Her staff is wonderful, kind and professional and I always walk out feeling like a million dollars. Follow her at @ibidavidsalonspa


  • I hate working's no lie! I never have liked it. As an athlete I hated weight lifting days. So finding something that keeps my attention and I enjoy doing from the moment I walk in was hard. I have tried so many different gyms....all to no avail. But then I won a free week in drawing to 30 Minute Hit Boxing. Let's just say after the first class I was in. I loved it....30 minutes of pounding out all your frustrations and bonus....I feel like I worked out for an hour. I am dripping sweat, my muscles are worked, and Elena the owner is so motivating and the sweetest person. If you have one near you, definitely check it out! Totally worth it. You can follow the Avon location at @Avon.hit
  • My Oils! To say I am a fan of Essential Oils is an understatement. I use them daily and if I was told I needed to get rid of them, honestly I would throw a temper tantrum. Any feeling I am having I have an oil to suppress it or amplify it. If I am feeling stress I turn to my Lavender, if I need to fall asleep I use Roman Chamomile, if I need a shift in my mood...Cheer, if I need a pick me up because I am dragging, wild orange it is. If my stomach hurts...let's get going DigestZen. problem for peppermint. I have eliminated so many toxic cleaners, pain medications, candles, and more! Not all oils are treated fairly....I ONLY use doTERRA Oils. They are tested and therapeutic grade. The best oils on the market. If you are wanting to get started, reach out to my dear friend who honestly is again, one of the sweetest humans. Her IG is @sandradeewellness...tell her I sent you. Let me know if you sing up with her....I will send you a special gift! 
  • I know I keep saying ... she is the sweetest, she is the kindest...well that's for a reason. I surround myself with humans who are positive and uplifting because of a book I discovered. If you are struggling around people. If you feel like there is constant negative energy around you. If you feel like you are getting stuck in the middle of gossip central. I highly suggest you get the book "Think Like A Monk" by Jay Shetty. Jay is a former Monk turn author, podcaster, and motivational speaker. His thoughts on life and how you handle the inner demons, constant negativity, and your overall well being in his book are mind blowing. He has driven me to learn how to meditate which has really helped me to manage daily stresses. His podcasts are wonderful as well and I am always learning something and honestly feeling so revived after listening. If you do not follow him on IG, here is his handle @jayshetty. Find his Podcast "On Purpose" and start diving in and definitely read his book! Here is a link to buy it on Amazon - Think Like A Monk

So to sum it up....I have learned that taking care of my hair and face have helped me feel good about myself. I have dedicated time to exerting my frustrations out in boxing. I have taken the step to rid my life of toxins by switching to pure therapeutic grade oils by doTERRA. And finally I have designated time to reading about positivity, removing negative energies, and surrounding myself with like minded people. Doing this has greatly improved my overall wellness. Its not perfect and I am still working on me, but I know I am taking steps in the right direction to improve myself which in turn helps my children. Take that time for you.....remember that you are given one life to live so live it to its fullest with kindness, love, and determination. 

Namaste by beautiful boho tribe!




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