Ahh...it's get to know a crystal/gemstone day. At Gold Arrow Studios I use a lot of different crystals and gemstones in my jewelry. These beautiful gifts from Mother Nature have healing benefits that many are unaware of. Each week I want to break down one and all its yummy metaphysical goodness it can bring to you while wearing. From the chakra(s), zodiac sign(s), and all the benefits it provides.

Today's star is Rhodochrosite. 


This beautiful pink stone with flecks of tan and black is a staple at Gold Arrow. Not only is it a stunning gemstone, but it holds many many benefits. Rhodochrosite aids in many different areas including emotional relief, mental stress, self-worth, and memory. It helps you to face the truth in yourself and in others without excuse but with loving awareness. This powerful stone encourages a positive attitude, aids in creativity,  and lifts moods of depression. If you are a Leo or a Scorpio, this stone is destined for you. 

Chakras: heart, higher heart, clears solar plexus and base

Compassion Stone Bracelet: loaded with rhodochrosite and faceted white quartz and accented with gold spacers.

compassion stone bracelet

Moon Aromatherapy Bracelet: beautiful polished rhodochrosite, quartz, Czech glass in purple, rose gold accents and moon charm. Bonus...rosewood for you to diffuse your essential oils discretely while on the go.

Roshi Aromatherapy Bracelet: a beautiful blend of matte rhodochrosite, faceted white agate stone, and black lava rock for diffusing your oils, accented with silver.

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